Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's coming...

Hi everyone.
Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm cooking a cool new character but, he is not ready to face daylight yet. Soon, very soon...or so, I hope :)

Bruce Lee to ressurect here.

Funny Wii vs PS3 video.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blue Sky's short

Enjoy this Blue Sky's new short movie and buy the "Ice Age 2" dvd to see this in full resolution.
Also check there blog for some serious inspiring stuff.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

what is WIP?

Here is what I've been doing for the past few days. I downloaded the TSM guy free rig at and decided to give it a try.
I had and idea to make this guy play with some teapots.
Most of it is still in stepped keys. There is still a lot of work to be done here but, I like the way this is coming along.
Also I embarqued on "just-for-fun-co-op-project" with a cool guy that I met at His name is Filipe aka ULTRA.
He is realy crazy about Unreal Tournament series and he modelled this cool character for the game. Now I'm rigging it for animation... soon there will be a crazy old lady running around in the Unreal world. Heh! Check is work at:


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Guyver is back!

The Guyver is an old manga that was turned into an animated series back in the 80's.
It was suposed to last for 26 episodes but, I think the show got cancelled for some reason or other and they ended up only making 12.
A few years later the first live action movie was made, and was later followed by a sequel. These are both very bad movies... :P
I just found out that a brand new version of this series (which, by the way, I'm a big fan) as been released!
How cool is that?! :)
I am finally going to enjoy The Guyver in all of his modern day Anime style glory... I'm so happy!
And, as for the pictures above... It's going to be the new addition to my dusty collection of action figures... Yes, a Guyver action figure. I've been looking for this baby for quite some time now and in September is going to be on sale at Sweet!


Wait... I was suppose to post something... Can't remember... HAA!! yes, animation, must post animation on my blog :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I live...

No, I'm not dead. I'm very much alive.
What's new?
Check out Keith's new animation training program.. this is good stuff, especially if you can't afford Animation Mentor.
Also his online store is... eerrh online, now you can buy his VTS lessons without having to subscribe, however, it is much better if you do subscribe, it is not only cheaper but, you also get extra goodies and free stuff.

Seen Superman....hhumm.. didn't like it... another bad movie with kick ass FX. When is this going to stop?
Good stories people, good stories... That is how you make a good movie, NOT just groovy FX-although it's good to have them.

I'll be back with some animation.... Seriously, I DO animate stuff...


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer, Work, Pixar looking for Animators

It has been awhile since my last post...
I feel terrible. Not only I don't have any new animation tests to post, but also I still haven't finished my last gear change exercise.
It's all this summer heat... I can't think straight.

I've heard something about Pixar being desperately looking for animators... what's up with that?
Pixar having trouble finding nemos (... eerrhh I mean animators...)?
They must have 2 billion animation reels to choose from....
Maybe - and this is just a guess, all those reels must really suck, because all they must get are reels from kids who know how to work with maya and never even heard about the old animation masters.
Or maybe their standards are so high, that now they cannot find anyone ready to animate at their level because all those great animators are already working either there or at Dreamworks, Blue Sky, etc...
What a paradox....

Anyway, they say it's a good time to get really stuck into it, so I'll be sending them something that sort of resembles a showreel pretty soon.

"Never try, Never Fail" those are the words that I DON'T live by :)


Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gear Change Update

Here it is :
Still at the blocking stage.

More soon.....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Gear Change Blocking

Download here!!!

My current WIP. The gear change!
Still in the blocking stage. I´m trying to get the poses and timing right.
I´ll be posting more of this animation soon.

Thanks to Marco a.k.a. Macgio for hosting the file.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tex Avery Poses

This is a new and very expensive Tex Avery statue... only $300 :P
Sandra Murta send me this image today and I was imediatly reminded of how good Tex cartoons where. I meen... just look at that Pose... the Line of action is just beautiful and leads your eye just to the right place.
People just don´t make poses like that anymore.
I miss the old cartoons, I miss Tex Avery´s style!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Samurai Champloo Trading Arts

This is not animation but is goovy non the less.
I´m now into this trading art stuff and the quality of this figures is outstanding.
Right now I only have one of them but I hope to buy some more sone.
If you wonna trade drop me an email.... but not now... I only have one... nothing to trade.. yet!

Underwater Animation

UnderWaterTEST :

This is just a small animation test thatI did in 10 min.
As an animator I spend a alot of time trying to understad phisics, weight and gravity but underwater stuff is a diferent game...
That is what I´m trying to figure out with this the body moves under water.
This one was quick and rough like a sketch and it feels stiff but I´ll get there.... one day :)


Monday, May 08, 2006

new links...

My baby blog is slowly growing.
I add two new links to the links side bar.
One for my special friend an co-worker animator Sandra Murta and another to my friend and ex-partner in crime A. Brown.
This are two blogs worth checking out.

Stay tunned for more updates.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A post that must be posted!

What I must post is some good words about keithlango´s VTS.
VTS is a Video Tutorial Service provided by animator Keith Lango via online.
I´ll say this nice and simple: If you are into learning animation ( and like me you can´t afford ) then YOU MUST HAVE IT.... as simple as that!
Keith we thank you for the VTS!

New showreel.

I feel that my current animation reel doesn´t do me justice any more, It´s a year old and I think I can do much better now...ok maybe just a little better.
So I´ve been trying do manage some time do work on personal animations for a future showreel.
Hopefully It will be on time for Siggraph 2006.
Here is an animation I did last month using a audio file.
I have some cool ideias for this month´s audio...

FILE: -5 mb

hhmmn...a blog?!

ok... so... now I have a blog right?
what can I do with it?
I know! I know! I can showcase my work to the world...or not...
Stay tunned for more stupid and uninformative posts about......ANIMATION