Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer, Work, Pixar looking for Animators

It has been awhile since my last post...
I feel terrible. Not only I don't have any new animation tests to post, but also I still haven't finished my last gear change exercise.
It's all this summer heat... I can't think straight.

I've heard something about Pixar being desperately looking for animators... what's up with that?
Pixar having trouble finding nemos (... eerrhh I mean animators...)?
They must have 2 billion animation reels to choose from....
Maybe - and this is just a guess, all those reels must really suck, because all they must get are reels from kids who know how to work with maya and never even heard about the old animation masters.
Or maybe their standards are so high, that now they cannot find anyone ready to animate at their level because all those great animators are already working either there or at Dreamworks, Blue Sky, etc...
What a paradox....

Anyway, they say it's a good time to get really stuck into it, so I'll be sending them something that sort of resembles a showreel pretty soon.

"Never try, Never Fail" those are the words that I DON'T live by :)