Thursday, March 01, 2007


Happy Feet won an Oscar for best motion capture film... oops! I mean best animated film.
I too use mo-cap for my animation...err...I mean my motion?! The above picture clearly proves that I have mo-cap technology.

I think if mo-cap films are going to win Oscars (competing with animated films) they should at least avoid calling it Best ANIMATED Picture but instead call it Best CG Picture. That sounds fairer to me.


Ricardo Silva


messytimbo said...

thats a really funny image. and you make such a good point. i never thought of it like that.

i was pissed of that cars didn't win because i thought out the other films nominated it was the best.

come to think of it, out of the "best animated feature " category it was the only one which was animated. the other one was "monster house" which also uses motion capture, what a joke!

Simon Legrand said...

I don't agree. A lot of scenes in Disney's Snow white, Cinderella and others were rotoscoped. Mocap is a step further than rotoscoping but the principal of abstracting motion performed by a live actor is the same.